Tokyo Ghoul | Toukyou Kushu - Kaneki Ken

black_sclera eyepatch hair_over_one_eye hood hood_down hoodie kagune_(tokyo_ghoul) kaneki_ken looking_at_viewer mask red_eyes short_hair solo tokyo_ghoul white_hair

"tokyo ghoul." Oh my God, I love it, so perfect~. Kaneki Ken and the evolution(?).

Sad momment in tokyo ghoul ugh best part of the anime so far in my opinion

Character : Uta Anime : Tokyo Ghoul / Tokyou Kushu<== word dont describe how badly i want this wall scroll

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Beautiful art of Uta from Tokyo Ghoul Animal Manga, Animal Guys, Animal Art, Tokyoghoul, Animal POPULAR Anime Tokyo Ghoul Home Decor Poster

Cool Kaneki Ken-Tokyo Ghoul #kanekiken #tokyoghoul #cosplayclass

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