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23 Things That Totally Made You A Ska Kid In High School

Doc Martens: Skinhead Despite the fact I don't wear DM's I wear rangers. Great skinhead and punk pics here

Early skinhead fashion, before the word got highjacked. via :o reminds me of greasers, both being music oriented and working class.

and Youth Subcultures including Mods, Skinheads, Suedeheads, Boot boys and the like. iu ?

We answer the question what is Skinhead subculture, focusing on skinhead fashion brands and the history from the to the present day.

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Dr. Martens matched with happy socks

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This (at the time) 17 year old Smooth from North London is wearing a made to measure Crombie and a trilby, Levi’s, a Ben Sherman shirt and Oxfords. The girl was a model and has on a petrol blue/gold Trevira suit. A lot of the gear came from High Street stores like Burton and Top Shop.

Skinhead Fashion in the UK 1971

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Classic Example of the two-tone Ska Fashion, which like the punk subculture, embraces the use of braces, Dr Martins, and the skin-head look.

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Brutus X Dr. Martens - The Brutus X Dr. Martens Trimfit shirt features classic punk tailoring that will turn any guy into a desirable rubeboy instantly. The shirt is the .

Skinhead Style Fall 2012

Alex Ciappara and Micky Ayoub photographed by Bruno Staub and styled by Grant Woolhead for the September 2012 issue of Out magazine.

This Is England

This Is England - Shane Meadows - Film

Via Tumblr

Via Tumblr