Kitanya's Skin Color Chart by on @deviantART

This is a list of common skin tones! To produce the shading colors, duplicate the layer in which just the base color is on and set it to multiply. To get the contrasted shading, which is probably a.

In case you need this for skin coloring!!! It never hurts to offer help.<<<<not mine

In case you need this for skin coloring! It never hurts to offer help.<<<<not mine < skin color reference

Skin colors by on @deviantART

I got the habit to save the skin colors I use every year since sometimes Sai refresh the " swatches / palette " when it crash. Tough I'll share this one Dunno if it can be helpful XD

Skin Palette for MyPaint by on @DeviantArt

Skin palette for scratchpad My Paint. (is an image with png format) Feel free to use it, not to sell the palette for commercial use without my permissio. Skin Palette for MyPaint

Color is all around you but you probably don't fully understand it. Why does some art look almost 3D or why do some colors look totally different next to o

More Like Digital Painting Tutorial Pt 2 by `lithriel, deviantart. I think this is a handy chart for differentiating skin colors.

Flat Design - Color Palette for Light, Medium, and Dark Skin Tones                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Flat Skin Color Scheme

게임원화 캐릭터 피부톤 자료입니다. : 네이버 블로그                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Link to new skin palette! This isn't a be all, end all reference list. It was something I figure I'll do to help me when needing skin tones on a w. My Anime Skin Palette