Walter Faxon: Double - Shell-Pink - Midseason. Mildly fragrant. Vivid shell-pink of a luminous intensity unique in peonies,which fades with age. Fairly floriferous; good stems and foliage. A fairly good flower of value for its striking color. When the flowers are allowed to open indoors, the color is often described as the purest pink found among lactiflora peonies. When left on the plant, the flowers are still very attractive, but the bright pink color will not withstand strong sunlight.

Walter Faxon Peony-- A beautifully formed double peony with true shell pink petals. A mid season blooming variety. Easy to grow, long lived!

GREAT tips on how to grow peonies!

Growing Peonies

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Watercolor Peony

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Tree Peony Light Pink, Paeonia suffruticosa

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