Nest—a self-programming thermostat that learns your temperature preferences and lets you program it from your phone.

Nest Thermostat Smart thermostat learns your patterns, what temp you like to wake up to, when you're in the house

Interesting Do It Yourself Life Hacks Anyone Can Do 5  Ist das Ding klasse....sieht aus wie ein Inhalt :-)

Giant Bird Nest: A gigantic poof sofa

I like this, but not the bird nest theme How awesome is this? The Giant Birdsnest, now available in various sizes and wood finishes.

these are adorable for Spring decorating!

How-to make your own decorative bird nests - The Pecks

With some inspiration from "the bird lady of Beaverton," the Pecks show you how to create your own decorative bird nests.

Terrain How-To: Tabletop Twig Nest #shopterrain/ make large ones with eggs in it.

How-To: Tabletop Twig Nest

an amazing human-sized beautiful nests that biomimic shelters that weaver birds build by South African design company Animal Farm's Porky Heferall

More Breezy, Tree-Hung Nests Inspired by Birds & Made for Humans

Gives new meaning to "nesting!" More Breezy, Tree-Hung Nests Inspired by Birds & Made for Humans : TreeHugger

♕ I love my little nest ~ links to graphic

The Murmuring Cottage-----this is what my home is for me, i actually call it my sanctuary. not quite my literal English country cottage (which is where I first pinned it by accident. lol, how appropriate).

Amazing Bird Nests From Around the World (Golden-winged_Warbler)

These Birds’ Nests Will Completely Astonish You

Amazing Bird Nests From Around the World::Golden-winged Warbler nest is shown.

PRINT  Nest Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed by flyingshoes, $35.00

nest - mixed media drawing on distressed parchment x - Flying Shoes Art Studio

Robin's eggs.

Find Spring Inspiration on our Pinterest Spring Mood Board

Holly Kennedy, love the bird's nest and robin's egg blue eggs.

Silver Birds in Nest Pendant Necklace

A hand cut pendant, three birds sitting on a nest. The pendant is thick and roughly across, it is made from Argentium silver, a very

ICD and ITKE’s lightweight pavilion mimics the structure of water spider’s underwater nests!

Lightweight pavilion mimics the structure of water spider nests

Well, your dog will love these, but your cat might not be so impressed.

13 IKEA Hacks Your Pets Will Appreciate

Pick up an IKEA woven basket, screw it into the wall and add a cushion for a stylish piece of kitty wall art. (via Row House Nest)

Boyeros en su nido que preparan tejiendo crín de caballo

The Baya Weaver (Ploceus Philippinus) is a weaverbird found across the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

ATELIER RUE VERTE , le blog: Ce matin ... j'ai aimé #20 / Uniqwa et ses ambiances ethniques africaines /

Ce matin ... j'ai aimé #20 / Uniqwa et ses ambiances ethniques africaines /

supplier of unique designer furniture to the interiors industry, wholesale designer furniture

Paper Bag Bird Nest - easy add on for toddler bird crafts - Happy Hooligans. Use with Apologia Flying Creatures #homeschool science

how to make a bird nest - paper bag craft for kids