23 of the best marriage wishes quotes to share and celebrate the loving start to a beautiful journey together that is marriage!

Marriage Wishes Quotes: 23 Beautiful Messages To Share Your Joy

Marriage wishes quotes that'll pleasantly surprise the newlyweds. Here are the top 23 marriage wishes quotes to suit every type of wedding celebrations.

25 Of The Most Heartfelt Marriage Wishes Messages #wishes #quotes #love #sms

Marriage Wishes : Top148 Beautiful Messages To Share Your Joy

Happy Marriage Wishes & Quotes 2017

Happy Marriage Wishes & Quotes 2017

42 Quotes for marriage

But even when someone screws everything up and bed hops or lies things can still work out for the one who stayed faithful.

Just Thought You Needed Some Love


Never thought that day would come💕 saddest, purest, side ive ever seen from him. When a girl cries over a guy, it's normal. When a guy cries over a girl, he will never love another girl like her.

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Image result for quotes heartbroken

Never thought of it this way! Me and my husband almost learned this the hard way we know know that you have to put your marriage 1st it will make you and your kids happier!!!

I love my kids dearly. but they leave home one day. What will the relationship I'm left with be like. When I realized this, my husband became my first. It also makes "cutting the apron strings" a whole lot easier.

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