Inner strength and self control. Be kind hearted despite the way you are being treated.

Stay calm, be respectful. You are not rude, disresptful , you don't play games. Be yourself , stay calm babe

To channel your inner warrior, here are 15 simple 15-minute exercises to feel more powerful every day.

15 Ways to Feel More Powerful in 15 Minutes

Positive thoughts & positive/assertive body language are known to effect your mood & behaviors. Here are 15 ways to take back your power. (The inner warrior)

"Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on," Eckhart Tolle

Words flying off the page. I'd love to design a tattoo based on this image!

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This poem says to not give your everything to certain people. Many of them are always changing and once they do, it can hurt you. It tries to explain to not get too comfortable with some people since the ending result can leave you with a painful memory.