Cutting Half-Square Triangles from Pink Petal Quilts!

Pink Petal Quilts: Quilt Charts --- two more charts on the page . quilt size and square cutting chart (how many squares can you get out of a measurement of fabric).

Half Square Triangle Quilt Block Tutorial Method II - Makes 4 at one time!  Coral + Co. Pin for later

Half Square Triangle quilt block Tutorial Method II - Make 4 at a Time!

Eight half square triangles in one go. Includes formula for sizes.: More

The Magic 8 tutorial - this is a great way to make 8 HST at once - Karen Walker (Chez Stitches) even does an easy equation to figure out how big to cut the original squares

This seems so obvious now that I see it. Clever way to trim HST to correct size BEFORE pressing them open.

Half Square Triangles - Trim to size after stitching, but before pressing open. Mark diagonal line with dry erase marker.

Down Grapevine Lane~~this is a very cool tutorial or pattern in blog but great pictures for one to figure out how to cut and sew the necessary squares.

Gorgeous scrappy HST quilt--I adore the layout!--did not actually find this on the site, but it would make a great baby quilt

I really love this pattern! This version is 60" x 60". Seen at The Recipe Bunny: Auction Quilt Finished, posted 2-Apr 2014

Kim likes for her quilt <~~~~~~ star quilt squares and HSTs - beautiful colours - great scrap buster - good leaders/enders project?

Half Square Triangles - so many possibilities - Chasing Cottons: Quilt Class 101

Chasing Cottons: Quilt Class 101 - Week 5 - Part (A) different ways to use half squares for a quilt pattern

half square different methods as well as instructions for different sizes

Quilt Making Basics Tutorial - 4 ways to make Half Square Triangles + fabric dimensions - The Littlest Thistle