Natural Hair Texture Chart

Natural hair type - I have Curly Red hair. But I wish I were a brunette with open wave hair type. TELL ME your hair type. :]<<mine is a mixture of wavy, curly, and very curly.

The Best Methods to Determine Your Hair Type & Texture explains the various hair types and textures and how to determine which one you have naturally.

The Best Methods to Determine Your Hair Type & Texture

In my opinion hair typing can be useful. True one can watch videos of anyone they want, however, watching someone with a similar texture to yours will give you a better idea as to how a style you attempt may turn out

Hair types, 3A hair here! That is the exact pattern of my curls, and the underside of my hair is half 3A / 3B i think. Defiantly not coarse though!

Do you know your hair curl pattern? Natural hair curl codes - Here's a cool chart with the basics from straight to kinky textures.

Texture Typing℠ system: The Brown Truth's Blog

4 Types of Hair Ties Every Curly Should Know

Texture Typing℠ System <-- helps you identify what type of products work best with your hair texture or wave pattern

Hair Texture Chart | The Crimson Label

Image A chart displaying the various different types of hair textures which is quite useful especially when part of the criteria is to have a sense of texture. These also help to develop the shape.