The back of your neck. | 26 Strikingly Unconventional Body Piercings To Try

26 Strikingly Unconventional Body Piercings To Try

Assorted gems

50 unique and beautiful ear piercing ideas, from minimalist studs to extravagant jewels

Healed Inverse vertical albert piercing by Courtney Jane maxwells of Saint Sabrina's. Jewelry by Anatometal.

This gal is wearing a beautifully healed inverse vertical labret piercing I did for her earlier this year. She took fabulous care of it and it shows!

Location: generally, a connection made in the upper cartilage of the ear made between two piercings: one close to the head in a forward helix position and one o

Encyclopedia of Body Piercings: Industrial Barbell Cartilage Piercing

Location: through the small nub-like protrusion that covers the opening of the ear canal Jewelry: initially, a straight barbell or captive ring will be used ran

Beautiful ideas of wrist piercing

Beautiful ideas of wrist piercing

Top 150+ Ear Piercing Types

Top 150+ unique and beautiful ear piercings types

Swarovski Septum Ring, Septum Jewelry, Daith Earrings, Daith Ring, Daith…

Brice Swarovski Crystal Clicker in Silver

Product Information - Product Type: Clicker - Gauge Size: 16 Gauge - Piercing Dimensions: - Clicker Segment Length: Swarovski Crystal Clicker Daith Rook Septum Silve

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