Kool-aid humor, funny. Black people be like...white people be like...

If you can't taste the diabetes you ain't doing it right. oh my god i cant breathe. this is how i make kool aid too though lol

that is so true

So true. Black people can't just knock on the door. They gotta make a beat

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Lol that's funny because the white mom response is what I say to my babe when he gets a boo boo.

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🔮🦄 Alkebulan aka “Africa”,the Home of My Ancient And Noble Ancestars👸🏽🇲🇦👑🇲🇦.


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Also when u get into bed fully dressed cuz he's wearing a polo shirt wat even

My mom got so mad at me for this yesterday

Normally i wouldnt post this because I hate it when someone says "African" instead of "South African". But this is totally true!

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Black Twitter Tuesday