Puzzlewood ~ is an ancient woodland site, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England

Puzzlewood ~ is an ancient woodland site, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, England. I wanna go for a walk here.

Santorini, Greece / Carmelo Raineri

Santorini, Greece / Carmelo Raineri- Would love to visit Greece someday.

Santorini, Greece

10 best: Colored glass vases

Blooming bougainvillea in a Santorini alley ~ Santorini, Greece Tour or Cruise the Greek Islands

Mont St. Michel, France; also known as Hogwarts.<3

Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France AKA my house :) so pretty

An autumn evening view of Hallstatt near Salzburg, Austria.

Linear view by ilias nikoloulis on autumn evening view of Hallstatt near Salzburg, Austria-

Edinburgh, Scotland.  The Scots are great inventors and have been responsible for logarithmic tables, fax machines, anesthetics during childbirth, linoleum, color photography, pneumatic tires, the thermos, penicillin, the telephone, and antiseptic (thanks to Joseph Lister) among other inventions.

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK This looks beautiful. One thing you should know, many Scottish people are offended at Scotland being called part of the U. My baby daddy is one of them. Edinburgh is a very beautiful city.

10 weird hotels.

The weirdest hotels around the world… I want to stay at an ice hotel, and the hobbit holes and mountain one look cool, but the mirrors-everywhere one def gives me the creeps.

The lower bridge is the original bridge from 300 years ago. The higher one was built one hundred years later ~ Perth and Kinross, Scotland

The Rumbling Bridge Scotland, spans the River Devon Gorge. The double bridge gives off a distinctive rumbling reverberation at lower levels, hence its name.

Bruges, Belgium...I'd love to go there

Canal network through Bruges, Belgium - the "Venice of the North"

Canal Walk.. Skipton, England | Flickr - Stephen Candler Photography

"Canal Walk" by Stephen Candler. On the Leeds to Liverpool Canal at Skipton, North Yorkshire, England.

Jardines de Cristina   Sevilla

See u in June ❤ Jardines de Cristina Sevilla Spain.have to make it to Sevilla the next time I make it to Espana

Golden Hour at Laarne Castle, Belgium

Golden Hour at Laarne Castle, Belgium beautiful!

Palace Garden in front of the Schwerin Castle, Germany

Palace Garden of Schweriner Schloss (Castle), Schwerin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. The castle currently serves as the seat of the state parliament. by saturn ♄

Arundel Castle, established 1067, Sussex

Arundel Castle, Sussex, England - UK - Birthplace of some of my ancestors.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of my dreams is to travel across South America. Argentina and Buenos Aires seem like perfection.