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Edward McKenzie Virgin Islands gives tips for shifting from your office job to entrepreneurship. Career Choices, Career Path, Career Change, New Career, Different Lines, Can Plan, Continuing Education, Lists To Make, Virgin Islands

Tips For Shifting From Your Office Job to Entrepreneurship

Not everyone is happy with their chosen career. Many eventually have a desire to pursue a different line of work. When doing so, certain tips should be followed in order to make the transition more successful. The first tip to remember when transitioning to a new career is to speak to those who already work […]

Edward McKenzie talks about how to handle difficult conversations with employees as a leader. Difficult Conversations, Virgin Islands, When You Can, Bad News, Something To Do, Encouragement, This Or That Questions, Handle, Positivity

How To Handle Difficult Conversations With Employees As A Leader

Edward McKenzie Virgin Islands outlines how to handle difficult conversations as a leader.

  Build Your Resume, Business Format, After High School, What Is Positive, Resume Writer, Volunteer Work, Effective Communication, Time Management, First Step

How to Build Your Resume as a Recent High School Graduate

Procuring a job right after high school may be difficult. Seemingly neat to create and informative for the prospective employer, a well-written resume boosts any jobseeker’s chances of successfully securing employment. For first-time resume writers, a business format and a formal tone are essential. Conducting online searches for resumes, as well as reviewing examples, may […]

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How does education help prepare you for your professional career?

Edward P. McKenzie talks about when it is time to consider selling your company. Personal Finance, Letting Go, Blog, Lets Go, Blogging, Move Forward

When Is It Time To Consider Selling Your Company?

Letting go of a business can be an extremely difficult task, especially if a person has spent large portions of their life building it. There are, however, many warning signs that it is time to let go of a business and put it up for sale. Seeing the writing on the wall before it is […]

Edward P. McKenzie talks about why failure is important to experience as an entrepreneur. Stronger Than You, Learning To Be, Feel Good, Fails, Entrepreneur, Dreaming Of You, Cards Against Humanity, Blog, Make Mistakes

Why Is Failure Important To Experience As An Entrepreneur?

Every successful entrepreneur has failed at least once, and most have failed multiple times. While failure never feels good, it’s an important part of success because it benefits us in several different ways. Someone who has failed and has not given up has learned to be determined and resilient in pursuing their dreams. Here are […]

Edward McKenzie lists some of the biggest leaders to watch in 2021. Law Abiding Citizen, Nuclear Deal, Tokyo Olympics, Lgbt Community, Accusations, Us Presidents, Constitution, Encouragement

The Biggest Leaders To Watch In 2021

Yoshihide Suga Yoshihide Suga came into power in September after the abrupt resignation of Shinzo Abe to become Japan’s 99th prime minister. Suga had been a long-time fixer for Abe, though in the shadows. Suga won the elections with a landslide, that is 74% of the public. This set expectations high for Suga, but they […]

Edward McKenzie talks about why it is important to have a strong support staff in a small business. How To Motivate Employees, Improve Productivity, Excellent Customer Service, Leadership, Investing, Management, Success, Strong, Motivation

Why Is It Important To Have A Strong Support Staff In A Small Business?

A small business’s success depends on the commitment, perseverance, and good leadership of the management. Knowing the needs of the customers is also critical, as well as providing excellent customer service. One of the most neglected factors in the success of any business is the issue of employees. Many business owners believe that customers come […]

Edward McKenzie talks about entreprneurs who have changed the business world. Carlos Slim Helu, Personal Jet, Famous Entrepreneurs, Larry Page, Andrew Carnegie, Holding Company, Schools First, Windows Operating Systems, French Words

Entrepreneurs Who Have Changed The Business World

An entrepreneur is a word derived from a French word meaning to undertake with the ending -eur as an agent of this undertaking. Simply put, this word defines a person who undertakes a new business venture. This person has a strategic mindset, people management skills, self-confidence, and perseverance. Willing to take on risks, this person […]

Edward McKenzie of the Virgin Islands lists great leadership tips from Microsoft amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Leadership Tips, Leadership Roles, Return To Work, Know The Truth, Virgin Islands, When You Can, Listening To You, Motivate Yourself, Understanding Yourself

Great Leadership Tips From Microsoft Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic

Edward McKenzie Virgin Islands outlines great leadership tips from Microsoft amid COVID-19.

Edward McKenzie of the Virgin Islands outlines characteristics of effective entrepreneurs. Technological Change, Social Well Being, Social Aspects, Virgin Islands, New Things To Learn, Goods And Services, Outlines, Letter Board, Innovation

Characteristics of Effective Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are individuals who seize the opportunity to initiate and create businesses. These individuals are innovative and are continually providing solutions for everyday problems to profit from it. To be a successful entrepreneur, an individual must possess soft skills and a creative mind that serves as a rich source of ideas. There are several characteristics […]

Edward McKenzie talks about the benefits of the top four self-storage companies. Three's Company, Good Company, Self Storage Company, Storage Companies, Self Storage Units, Video Security, Long Term Storage, Important Documents

The Benefits of The Top 4 Self-Storage Companies

UHaul®, Public Storage, CubeSmart® Self Storage, and ExtraSpace® Storage are the four largest self-storage companies. Choosing the best company for your needs depends on what features are most important to you. Here are four areas to consider when choosing between facilities run by these companies. Climate-Controlled Units If you have antiques, artwork, important documents, electronics, […]

Edward McKenzie outlines how you can protect your employees as a small business owner. Employee Retention, To Strive, Data Protection, Emotional Intelligence, Outlines, Trust Yourself, To Focus, Workplace

Protecting Your Employees As A Small Business Owner

Your business’s most important asset is perhaps your employees. Protecting them on a day-to-day basis should be your primary objective. Offering employees the necessary protection revolves around ensuring that they are well catered for while also catering for them socially and emotionally. Failure to give your employees such protection may land your business in trouble […]

Edward McKenzie provides tips for entrepreneurs working within real estate development. Business Help, Online Business, Great Entrepreneurs, Real Estate Development, Real Estate Investing, Saving Money, Digital Marketing, How To Become, Knowledge

Tips For Entrepreneurs Working Within Real Estate Development

Entrepreneurship is a fulfilling and challenging line of work. Many are thrilled with the ability to be bosses. However, this means more dedication and time placed into projects and startups to see them succeed. Entrepreneurs face various challenges as they try to navigate the world of real estate. Some of the tips that can help […]

Edward McKenzie outlines the best way to take care of your mental health as a leader. Good Mental Health, Feeling Stressed, Virgin Islands, Outlines, Teamwork, Take Care Of Yourself, Helping Others, Cool Things To Make, Counseling

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health As A Leader

Edward McKenzie Virgin Islands talks about taking care of your mental health as a leader.

Edward McKenzie of the Virgin Islands gives 3 tips on finding the right leadership opportunities. Making Connections, Know Who You Are, Virgin Islands, To Focus, Helping Others, Equality, Knowing You, Leadership, Opportunity

3 Tips on Finding the Right Leadership Opportunities

Edward McKenzie Virgin Islands lists 3 tips on finding the right leadership position.