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Looking at spa website’s make my back ache (in need of a good rub), especially when you’re supposed to be writing a recipe not looking at spa treatments you can’t afford. My favorite thing to do is look at spa websites, something about them are so calming and soothing.  Being

Using a good salt scrub on occasion helps to exfoliate your skin and rejuvenate your body back to it’s healthy norm. Making a homemade salt scrub is so easy and so fast, once you make one, y…

Freunde von Freunden - Eva Fischer

His friends just call him “Doc,” but, much like a mad professor, it doesn’t bother Florian at all.

DIY All-Natural Beauty Remedies That Work

Shrink Large Pores (Natural Remedy) Why it works? The egg white contains astringent properties that act to pull out waste and tighten pores as it dries. The corn starch works to softens the skin.

4. #Oatmeal Mask - 9 Home-Made Face Masks for #Winter Skin Care ... → #Beauty #Masks

Avocado Mask Cultured Milk Mask Egg White Mask Oatmeal Mask Banana Mask Strawberry and Lemon Juice Honey and Raw Milk Moisturizing Papaya Mask Chocolate Facial Mask