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Rei, Rin, Nagisa, Makoto & Haruka ~ I love that everyone except Rei and Haru are in normal clothes, but Haru looks adorable in that sailor suit

Rinharu ... Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club, haruka nanase, haru nanase, haru, free!, iwatobi, nanase, rin matsuoka, matsuoka, rin

rin x haru iwatobi! swim club (free) rin matsuoka x haruka nanase x rin x haru (yaoi

It's hot -Rin/Haru- by on @deviantART:

It's hot -Rin/Haru- by on @deviantART:

Rin and Haru hug fanart Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3

Yes, I'm flooding RinxHaru pics. They are just so cute together! Even if I'm a MakoHaru fan first, you can't deny the major chemistry between these two.