PPD 500 Leadership Styles

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Great speech about how #leadership can make a difference in #education

The Best Speech About Education -- Ever

State Senator Mike Johnston gives a memorable speech on education.

COOPERATION, COORDINATION, AND CONNECTION: EVALUATING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF INTERSECTORAL COLLABORATION THROUGH THE LENS OF STORMWATER MANAGEMENT Collaborative structures provide an alternative to traditional hierarchical structures. Leadership in a collaborative setting is about influence. Efforts are more successful with a common mission, interdependence of resources, facilitative leadership & response to change. Leaders should develop self-managing work teams. #bmsmith, #500_03…

Cooperation, Coordination, and Connection: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Intersectoral Collaboration through the Lens of Stormwater Management

This paper describes an emerging organizational phenomenon called intersectoral collaboration as a means for delivering public services. Collaboration, and intersectoral collaboration specifically, present a new way to organize over traditional hierarchical organization. The conflict between structured and nonstructured organizations is one that has existed since people began organizing themselves (Olsen, 1965; Abrhamasson, 1993). This paper is composed of three sections. The first provides…

#Problemsolving concept fails to identify many of the complex natures of the problem.  This shortcoming fails to identify differences of opinion and uses scientific reasoning to disguise the political implications of the policy.  Expanding the problem concept allows policy studies to be linked with political theory.  #500_07, #ILproblemdef, #ILsolution , #bmsmith

How Should We Theorise Public Policy? Problem Solving and Problematicity

#Problemdef is part of the policy cycle with an effort to identify and improve undesirable circumstances.  The definition in turn affects the policymaking and therefore the policy outcome.  In each stage of the policy cycle, the impact on the government is different.  Movement between these problem definitions varies the consequences of the outcome. #500_07, #ILproblemdef, #bmsmith

Typically the term #culture is ascribed to nationality, language or race.  #Culture is a much broader term that defines how human beings create meaning for experiences.  Understanding how #culture affects negotiations can help the moderator to level the playing field and understand what individuals are saying through their nonverbal communication.   #500_07, #ILconflictreso, #bmsmith

The Importance of Culture in Conflict Resolution

At a Mediation Week panel discussion in New York, a panel of seasoned ADR professionals, including two JAMS mediators, a doctor of Anthropology, a New York Police detective and an organizational consultant, explored the role culture plays in conflict resolution.

Individuals who are able to apply problem solving skills are some of the most highly sought after individuals.  Understanding how to apply these skills is valuable to every department.  These nine steps help an individual to develop the traits to be a great #problemsolver. #500_07, #ILsolution, #bmsmith

Nine Steps to Effective Business Problem Solving

Creating a startup, or managing any business, is all about problem solving. Some people are good ...

THE NONPROFIT LEADER’S BIG BREAK-  Nonprofit’s role is changing and so is the leader’s role. Nonprofit leaders are balanced between the public and private sector leaders. Not being able to find this balance leads to paralysis.  Being able to fill the gap between public and private allows for funding and leadership.  Embracing commonalities between sectors will allow for reduced overhead and allocation of funds to the mission of the organization. #bmsmith, #500_03, #ILcollaborate

The Nonprofit Leader's Big Break - PA TIMES Online

The role of the nonprofit is in a transition, especially for those who seek to lead within this world. For the first time in modern history, opportunities to lead within the nonprofit sector are being availed with new levels of support, which provide the sector with benefit, relevance and sustainability in a rapidly changing intersectoral […]

THE RISE AND FALL OF A PUBLIC LEADER: THE CASE OF WILLIE WILLIAMS AND THE LAPD  Successful public leaders have the capacity to lead externally and internally.  Leaders who are unable to balance both staff support and public support ultimately fail.  Willie Williams was the first Black to become Chief of the LAPD.  His community based policing philosophy was well liked in the community but unable to balance internal stakeholders. #bmsmith, #500_03, #ILcollaborate