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Now is the time to boost your Facebook following. It’s a platform which has been somewhat eclipsed by Twitter in terms of social media standing, especially when it comes to small or medium sized businesses with limited resources. Still, over 1.49 billion users can’t be wrong, and even the most niche of nets can return a sizeable yield. Here are four quick ways to fire up your following in the New Year. Social Media Marketing, Things To Come, Platform, Fire, Facebook, Medium, Twitter, Heel, Wedge

Likes and Shares: How to Build a Facebook Following Fast

The business influence of Facebook is increasing. Here's four quick ways SME sized businesses with limited resources can boost their Facebook following.

Social media marketing is important. Who hasn’t heard that before? Well, it is, but let’s keep in mind that a predicted 61% of small businesses don’t see any return on their social media activities.  Is the answer to put your best foot forward and keep plugging away, or is your industry simply out of step with liking, sharing, and pinning? Here are three warning signs that you’re tweeting up the wrong tree... Warning Signs, Keep In Mind, Small Businesses, Social Media Marketing, Industrial, Activities, Small Business Resources, Industrial Music

Is Your Industry Responding Poorly to Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is important but many businesses still don’t see any return on their social media activities. Answer4u discusses why.

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4 Handy Tools to Save Time Making Your Social Media Flourish

There's a myriad of tools to make your social media management streamlined and efficient. Here's 4 of our favourites that’ll help empower your social media

Social media generates a lot of excitement amongst SME Owners and Managers but is their time and effort producing tangible business results? Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Best Seo Services, Investing, Management, Canning, Disappointment, Feelings, Startups

How Small Businesses Can Profit from Social Media Marketing

Social media generates a lot of excitement amongst SME Owners and Managers but is their time and effort producing tangible business results? Let's discuss:

As a business, being on social media is a prerequisite for building your brand and following. You’ll set up a Twitter account and diligently tweet things that your audience might find valuable. You’ll probably have a LinkedIn page where professionals can discover your company.  And then there’s Facebook..... Linkedin Page, Social Channel, Build Your Brand, Discover Yourself, Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Learning, Twitter, News

Facebook for Business: A New World that Marketers Need to Inhabit

Facebook for Business is a little different from other social channels, and to use it effectively, there are a few things worth knowing. Learn more here:

YouTube boasts over a billion users, or one third of all web users, with 3 billion searches made each month and 100 hours of video uploaded every minute. It’s also the world’s second most popular search engine. In fact, it trumps Bing, Yahoo, and Ask combined; only Google outranks it, and Google owns it.  Is your business taking advantage of YouTube? Social Media Marketing, Third, Facts, Letters, Business, Google, Youtube, Letter

Rank Higher and Get Visited by Putting Your Business on YouTube

Launching a YouTube channel for your business alongside your current blog will help you rank higher on search engine results pages. Discover the benefits:

Anybody wanting to successfully build brand awareness on social media, share their content and generally be a big deal online will have faced that one big challenge:  Getting followers and then retaining them!  Learn the Do's & Don't involved. Big Challenge, Social Media Marketing, Followers, Stuff To Do, Challenges, Content, Learning, Studying, Fans

How to Retain Your Social Media Following

If you’re not engaging your social media audience, they’ll go elsewhere and that proud four-digit following will start dropping. Let's discuss retention!

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Why Your Business Needs a LinkedIn Presence

More often than not, LinkedIn gets pushed aside as the boring older sister of both Twitter and Facebook. As a platform that has a USP of being specifically for businesses. LinkedIn has suddenly came into its own, leaving the other platforms to play catch up. If you’re on Twitter, great, if you’re on Facebook, even better, but if you’re still pushing LinkedIn aside as unnecessary then you’re missing a trick and we’ve made an excellent case for why.