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Mojoptix combined printing with shadow to create a clever clock with a digital face. Printed with tiny holes, the plastic ‘arm’ of the sundial allows light to shine through, displaying the current hour on the ground Imagenes Gift, French Inventors, Actual Time, Plastic Components, Colossal Art, Digital Clocks, Sundial, Digital Form, Objet D'art

A 3D Printed Sundial Displays Time Like a Digital Clock

Colossal | Art, design, and visual culture

Some Calibration Photographs Printers, 3d Printing, Photographs, Surface, Impression 3d, Photos

Some Calibration Photographs

Here is a calibration run I made plus one someone else made. The first image shows that lowering temperature eliminates stringing. I used 4.5mm retraction. I printed slowly only because the part was so small and hollow that I needed time to adjust the temp and mark the lines with a sharpie and ta...

Optimize the quality of your prints through Matter's study on the influence of infill %, layer height & infill pattern Fused Deposition Modeling, 3d Printed Objects, 3d Printing News, 3d Printer, Layers, Strength, Stress, Prints, Pattern

How Do Layer Height & Infill Settings Impact 3D Print Strength? 3D Matter

3D Matter reviews layer height and infill settings vs part strength. Learn how infill %, infill patterns and layer height impact the strength of a 3D print.

printer improvements: What cannot be printed? Time to debunk some myths! Struggle Is Real, 3d Prints, Bad Timing, 3 D, Printer, Canning, Memes, Printers, Home Canning

What cannot be 3D printed? Time to debunk some myths!

General 3D printing misinformation: review of facts and fiction! Each technology has some fundamental limitations, and 3D printing is no exception. As soon as I owned and wrote about 3D printers, people started "spamming" me with mainstream articles about it (no pun: still I like them and still I learn from them!). So even our grandparents would soon be printing their glasses, their bikes, their firearms, their houses and even their own legs! For sure, I am not the one that will disenchant…

I noticed a problem with the binary experimental for Linux. After printing a part, it was not as stable as expected because of space between the perimeters. Stables, 3d Printing, Space, Prints, Impression 3d, Floor Space, Horse Stables, Printmaking, Horse Barns

Space between perimeters · Issue #2776 · slic3r/Slic3r

I noticed a problem with the slic3r binary 1.2.6 experimental for Linux. After printing a part, it was not as stable as expected because of space between the perimeters. I use a 0.4 mm nozzle, the wall should have been 1.6mm thick, so 4 ...

Reprap development and further adventures in DIY printing: is Nicer - Part 1 - Settings and Extruder Calibration It's Coming, 3d Printing, Adventure, Nice, Prints, Impression 3d, Adventure Game, Adventure Books, Nice France

Slic3r is Nicer - Part 1 - Settings and Extruder Calibration

I have been using Slic3r for a few months now, it's coming along well and deserves lots more coverage, so here are a few notes and a very short guide to using it and what the settings mean - nothing difficult as it's already very easy to use and understand. In this Part 1 we will look at getting Slic3r running, calibrate the extruder and take a look at the Print settings. Part 2 will setup the printer, filament and print speeds along with doing some printing. Part 3 will experiment with low…