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Masterpiece Punch/Counterpunch | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Transformers Autobots, Transformers Characters, Transformers Action Figures, Transformers Toys, Beast Machines, Transformer 1, Revenge Of The Fallen, Transformers Masterpiece, Lego Robot

Masterpiece Punch/Counterpunch

This was originally a commissioned piece, however...he is heading his way to ebay. This project started as a MP12 Sideswipe. I repainted him to fit the double-agent Punch/Counterpunch palette. This custom features unique faces for both Punch and Counterpunch, as well as fully articulated hands (2 sets) - his signature red hands for Punch and Black hands for Counterpunch. The hands are easy to swap. When transforming him between persona - just flip the waist 180 degrees, reconfigure the leg…

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Autobot Wrecker : Whirl (4) | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Transformers Characters, Transformers Action Figures, Transformers Robots, Beast Machines, Last Knights, Robot Design, Box Art, Man Cave, Artworks

Autobot Wrecker : Whirl (4)

For a long time, I've wanted to do a custom Whirl. He was one of the few Transformers that survived the years since my childhood. A while back, I awoke from sleep thinking I had a great idea....convert Energon Quickstrike into Whirl, similar transformation, good size, etc. I found out some time after that this same idea was already done (by Wheeljack of sector70) yet - continued with the project, being a Whirl fan. Since I had the G1 Whirl from my younger years, I did what I do best. Hacked…

Generation 2 : Seaspray (4) | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Transformers Masterpiece, Transformers Action Figures, Transformers Toys, Green Lantern Movie, Transformers Cybertron, Arte Robot, Metallic Blue, Beast, Avengers

Generation 2 : Seaspray (4)

This is a commissioned piece for a Generation 2 style Seaspray. You may ask "what makes him G2?" - for this version, I used a much deeper metallic blue chrome; Alclad chrome, then a navy transparent blue over it. Very metallic and shiny. Custom G2 faction symbol also!

Animated Kup 2 Transformers Drawing, Transformers Characters, Transformers Action Figures, Transformers Robots, Custom Action Figures, Queen Bees, Toy Boxes, Box Art, Live Action

Animated Kup 2

Whoa. My first (and only) Animated Transformer Custom. Thanks to Shinobitron for the idea on this guy. This custom was a commissioned custom for someone, who changed his mind....Therefor, he's going to ebay (tonight) Kup started as an Animated Optimus Prime. I removed the exhaust stacks on his forearms, made the truck roof attach on to his back in robot form, added rotation articulation to his hands. The head started as an Animated Jetfire head, completely resculpted the chin, mouth, and…

Wrecker Impactor | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Transformers Action Figures, Transformers Toys, Beast Machines, Transformers Cybertron, Battle Robots, Transformer 1, Revenge Of The Fallen, Last Knights, Marvel Comics

Wrecker Impactor

This commissioned piece started as a Generations Warpath. I rebuilt the chest from scratch, gave him a new head, signature shoulder mounted and harpoon weapons. Painted with House of Colors Pravo purple and custom orange, loaded with details and light battle damage.

Protectobot : First Aid Transformers Autobots, Transformers Action Figures, Transformers Toys, First Aid Classes, Snake Girl, Beast, Hero, Elm Street, Artwork

Protectobot : First Aid

This is the demo piece used for my online customizing class "DEF:01" Protectobot First Aid. Custom built and cast chest, waist part, light bar, foot (for Defensor) and loads more. Awesome IDW style head was designed by the master fakebusker/Ariel Lemon and printed via Shapeways (3d) Water slide decals, loads of details, and other fun stuff.

Iron Factory's Spirits of the "D. Transformers Characters, Transformers Action Figures, Transformers Toys, Movie Characters, Battle Robots, Super Robot, New Toys, Character Art, Beast

Iron Factory's Spirits of the "D.E.C." combiner digibashed.

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Barricade (custom) - Robot mode | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Lego Transformers, Transformers Decepticons, Transformers Action Figures, Paint Schemes, Custom Paint, Dark Side, Character Art, Comic, Cool Stuff

Barricade (custom) - Robot mode

This is Barricade, a Decepticon Vehicon commander from Transformers Prime. This custom deluxe class figure is in his robot mode. Based on an existing custom from which I stole the idea from, he's my take on the deco. I based my version of it to match the colors of a Vehicon more as well as the character art for the Jagex Transformers Universe MMO. I feel this custom really evokes the movie-based character. This is actually the second Barricade I have produced, with one being for a friend…