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Mommy Issues by DKettchen

sserpente: “ latent-thoughts: “ frenchfrostpudding: “ latent-thoughts: “ frenchfrostpudding: “ dkettchen: “ Mommy issues Aaand we’re back to shitty gradient backgrounds xD HEAR ME OUT OK Loki is definetely younger than Hela in this universe, so.

“Your savior is here!!!" Hahahahaha... Lokiiii

“Your savior is here!!!" Hahahahaha... Lokiiii


i love you guys!

Which team are you on? #marvel

I'm Team Cap, but I do wish some people from Team Iron Man came over to our side cough Spidey cough Black Widow cough cos they're cool

no wi-fi by on @DeviantArt

The cast for the next instalment of the frostiron comic i've been doing. :V No steeebe this time .

Love this! I also love Tony's eyelashes xD

well here is Loki teamed up with Coulson and Hulk! its just some fast sketches ,but i hope you will enjoy them still! avengers(c) marvel Loki team-up with .