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bpdjelly: “ so i got this new poetry book and i thought it’d ring w some borderlines like it did me,, it’s from milk and honey by rupi kaur!! ”
Borderline personality disorder                                                                                                                                                                                 More
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Exactly! If I say I'm "Fine" just leave me alone. I don't need you bugging me all the time, if I want to tell you, I'll tell you.
I don't have any. Life is better that way!!
The thing is ... Probably there's only one ... #jles
See, that's fine and all, and I respect that, but pursue me dang it. Think about it all you want, but without any inkling that you're interested (unless I pull it out of you by making you talk about it), a relationship cannot continue... Just not okay. *end rant*
But most of times nothing happens  but how can i understand this simple thing to myself
"I'm not easily amused, I find complicated interesting and depth insanely attractive."—J. Iron Word | #INTJ